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“ Breaking Badlands by Scott Reintgen” is a novel that will make your day. In this novel, the author entertains the readers with a classy and fabulous story. All the characters are well-connected that provide a fantastic imaginary story. The introduction of new characters deepens the world. Enriching the story, filling it with a complex structure. The plot expands, growing seamlessly from book one without leaving unfinished business.

Here is the summary for a good reader to get a clearer idea about this impressive novel.

In the final installment of the Talespinners trilogy, Indira Story must travel incognito to the town of Fester to save the world of Imagination from the threat of supervillains.

Though Indira is on a much-needed break between books, she is exhausted by the constant attentions of Phoenix and Everest, one of whom she must choose to be her love interest. When the tension between the two boys inevitably boils over and they get into a fight, Indira schedules a much-needed vacation at the Chapter Break Resort. While on vacation, Indira spies something odd: a monkey in her mirror. The monkey—or rather, the person in a monkey mask—then teleports her to a secret meeting of Antiheroes who invite her to go on a quest to steal the Gemini Scepter from the evil demon Bainrow at Antagonist Academy, his school for villains. She must succeed in doing this before he can cast a spell to transform villains into supervillains and potentially ruin all stories for good. The plot is fast-paced, full of surprises, populated by likable and memorable characters, and just as funny as previous entries. The novel’s underlying messages about what makes a character bad, good, or even great and about how people have the power to intrinsically change long-standing institutions are thought-provoking. Most characters read as White; previous titles indicate that Indira has brown skin, but her ethnicity is not expanded upon.

Literally and literarily hilarious. (Fantasy adventure. 8-12)

Some Useful ebook Details;

  • Title & Author: Breaking Badlands by Scott Reintgen
  • Series: None
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Personal Growth, Biographies & Memoirs

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