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About the Author Nicholas Sparks:

Nicholas Sparks is an American novelist, screenwriter and also a film producer. His books and production earned the worldwide fame due to the great storytelling, romantic stories, and characters. Eleven of his books are used for filmmaking and most of them became great hits in Hollywood. He was born in Omaha, Nebraska on the date of 31st December 1965. His parents had only 3 children and he is the middle one. His sister died or brain tumor and she became the motivation behind his main character in this book. This was a little intro of Nicholas Sparks. Let’s try to summarize the story of A Walk to Remember pdf.

A Walk to Remember Summary:

This is a story of two people who fall in love with each other. They are quite different from each other but still odds work in their favor and become together. The story is narrated by Landon Carter who is quite old now but in the prolog he stands in front of his school building and remembers the events from his high school time when he was only 17. Landon has been through a lot in his life. His father is a wealthy man and he has totally forgotten about his son. His grandfather is dead now who cared for him. Nothing in life seems to be working on Landon’s side. His life is working just like the play he used to do in school where a man’s wife dies while childbirth. The daughter is left alone with his father. Life really is miserable for Landor Carter.

Landon then meets Jaime a nice young lady. She also plays parts in the dramas. One day, they meet at a Christmas party. Jaime tells him that she want him to play as his father in a drama to which Landon agrees. After this, they start meeting more and more. During their conversation, Landon starts learning more about her. He realized that she is a brilliant student. However, her only ambition is to get married in front of a huge audience. He finds that bothering because she is a brilliant student and that’s why need to do more. They also visit an orphanage together. Time is passing fast and nicely. But, on the night after the play, Jaime tells him that she is sick of her. She didn’t enjoy a moment they sent together. This, of course, was really hurting for Landon and he had to leave the place.

While performing a role in the drama, Jaime looks exotic in the white dress and the makeup she is wearing. Landon never realized how beautiful she is. The audience is also amazed by the performance which Jaime put in front of them. The events followed by all this are really entertaining and full of suspense. Keep reading ahead yourself to know about rest of the story.

A Walk to Remember Pdf Review:

This book is one of my favorite romantic novels. That is due to the drama, suspense, and thrill in the book. It keeps you waiting and reading about what is going to happen next? Because the twists and turns in the story are really surprising. At one moment just when you think everything is fine, something bad happens and then out of nowhere something good happens as well. That is the beauty of this book which keeps you involved and you don’t want to stop reading. The characters written in the story are brilliant and the way past and present are connected in the story that is really praiseworthy.

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