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The Catcher in the Rye Summary Sparknotes:

The story is about a teenage boy named Holden who lives in California. He is not the brightest kid out there since he gets expelled from his school and is to stay so till after Christmas. The other characters in the story are his teachers, friends and possible love interests. A lot of events take place that leads him to be depressed. Towards the end, he informs his parents about being mentally sick and he is to go to another school the following year. In the epilogue, he tells the writer that if they tell others about their experiences with several people, they will end up missing those people.

The Catcher in the Rye Review:

This novel is a great read for teenagers since they would be able to relate to the themes in the book. Holden is every other teenager in the world who goes through ups and downs in his or her high school and college years. The novel was on the list of the 100 best novels to read by the Modern Library and the Times Magazine along with being on the BBC’s Big Read list.

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