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About the Author Alexander Duma:
Alexander Duma was one of the most influential writers of the 19th century. His work and services for the field of literature are uncountable. The book he wrote became the all-time hits including The Count of Monte Cristo and The Three Musketeers. He was a French author and one of the most read authors ever. His work got translated into more than 100 languages which are a proof of his greatness. Most of his work was published as plays in famous magazines of the world. He within no time became one of the most read authors. Twenty Years after is another of his masterpieces. He lived from 24th July 1802 to 5th December 1870 and died at the age of 68. He left but his work will forever be remembered in the reading circles. He was a magician who used the pen to do enchantments.

The Count of Monte Cristo Summary:
This is a story of a young man whose life is the one that is admired and wanted by all. His name is Edmond. He is young and beautiful. Also, very successful in professional life and is about to become the captain of a ship. He will soon be a marrying a beautiful lady Mercedes. He has a life that everyone in this age would want to have. A life so perfect that struggle their whole life to have it. But when there is happiness, the tragedy follows. An ambitious young man from his crew named Danglars is jealous of him. He holds the position of treasurer and only wants to see the ruin of Edmond. Fernand another one on the crew loves his fiancé and that’s why he is against him too. Edmond’s life is about to become a real test and he doesn’t know yet.

So, they conspirators think of a plan. They try to accuse him and they try to do it through a false letter. The letter would stand him accused of treason to which there is a little truth. His captain has recently died and the conspirators could use that to their advantage. Edmond is carrying a letter which he has to deliver. He doesn’t have any knowledge of it but he can be called a traitor if he had. A public prosecutor is a wise man and he knows that Edmond is not guilt. He is about to set him free of the charges. But Edmond axes his own feet when he reveals the name of the man to whom this letter is supposed to be delivered. That his prosecutor’s father and to avoid shame, he sentences Edmond to prison for treason. What happens then? Read it yourself to find out.

The Count of Monte Cristo Pdf Review:
When you read this novel, you clearly understand the reason why this is one of the best novels in history. The storyline is so amazing having very strong characters. The drama, conspiracy, and the background behind each character is explained very well. Alexander Duma was a genius to write such a story filled with conspiracy, cunning, and revenge. The story of young man who has everything to be proud and feel happy for. He has everything in life. A job, a fiancé, money, and friends. But his friends turn on him out of jealousy. This leaves us a message that people cannot be trusted. They may seem happy upon your success but there could be jealousy growing its roots. Watch out for such people and always be aware of them. A wonderful story that you won’t want to stop reading once you have started reading.

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