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A. T. Robertson’s classic account of the New Testament Gospels arranges the chronology of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John side-by-side, that readers may compare and understand how each book recounts the life of Jesus Christ.

A superb and classic arrangement of the Gospels, A. T. Robertson’s effort was itself based upon the Gospel Harmony of John Albert Broadus, an American Baptist pastor famous for his Biblical scholarship in the 19th century. With Broadus’ template to hand, Robertson sets about presenting the four Gospel books with an annotated clarity, that those interested in the Biblical narrative of Jesus may achieve superb insight.

Passage by passage, verse by verse, Robertson works his way through the Gospel narrations. The birth, education, ministerial teachings, death and resurrection of Christ are examined sequentially. Robertson’s chronicle is thorough, noting where the Gospels quote the Old Testament; we learn how each of the Gospel books differ yet complement one another in communicating Christ’s message to all mankind.

Readers will realize that the four Gospels depict episodes in the life of Christ differently from one another, particularly where Jesus’ various parables and teachings are concerned. The finer details, such as those concerning Christ’s birth and his sentencing to death by Pontius Pilate, are astutely observed. With Robertson’s cogent and chronological narrative to hand, readers can better appreciate the phases of Jesus’ life and the gravity of His deeds and sermons.

This reprint offers the complete analysis, together with the lists and comparative phrases appended at the conclusion of the original edition, and the map of Palestine at the time of Christ. The introductory outlines are preserved, that the reader may swiftly conceive of the author’s methodology. The ample page size allows for simpler referencing, while the individual passages, tables and their notes are arranged to conduce swift and gratifying comprehension of the Biblical lore of Jesus Christ.

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