Download The Blood Mirror [PDF][Epub][Mobi] – (Lightbringer, #4) By Brent Weeks

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The novel, The Blood Mirror PDF, is the fourth book in the Lightbringer series. This book like other books in the series also focuses on epic fantasy. It was published on 25th October 2016 by Orbit publishers.

Wanna Continue Reading the Series? Download The Blood Mirror Epub, PDF from below, and start reading it today.

The Blood Mirror PDF, Epub – Details, And Review:

Lightbringer Series is crowded with BIG books. Each page of each book is rich and rewarding, and there is no full stop, as there are lots going on.

The Blood Mirror Ebook is more related to politics than it is to punch-ups. As for a series that is overwhelmed with its intensive fight scenes, might disappoint some readers. But if you are a reader having a little bit of a geek of politicking you can understand the scheme behind it. This means there is something going on behind the scenes. And this characteristic of writing really defines Weeks, and there is always something going on behind the scenes.

Plot Review:

Kip and his allies are facing the White King’s horde while Gavin Guile is missing. Now all are thinking when does an empire fall? All the seven satrapies have been collapsed into four. Gavin Guile is now lost, trapped, and broken. He was an ex-emperor, ex-galley, and ex-prism. He was now trapped in a prison that is crafted by his own hand so that he can hold a great magical genius. But the situation is totally different; he has no magic at all.

Kip Guile will now try to make the last move, to stop White King’s growing horde. Together, with other characters, they will fight to make the empire from becoming something even worse.

About The Author (Brent Weeks):

Brent Weeks was born in Montana. He is one of the best American fantasy writers. His novel The Way of Shadows was a New York Times Best Seller in 2009.

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