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The Two Towers PDF is the second sequence of J. R. R. Tolkien’s epic trilogy, The Lord of the Rings. It was published on November 11, 1954, and comprises of 3 and 4 books. The best-suited genre of this book is fantasy fiction. “The Two Towers” begins from where the first volume “The Fellowship of the Ring” left off, but this book is told in a changing way.

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The Two Towers PDF, Epub – Details, And Plot:

This trilogy is completely different from The Hobbit. In this epic novel, the decay of civilization, the value of fellowship, duty is explained beautifully. The Fellowship was dissipated. Some were supporting miserably for war against the evil of Sauron. Some were battling with the disloyalty of the wizard Saruman. Just Frodo and Sam were left to take the Ring of Power to be demolished in Mordor–the dark Kingdom where Sauron was incomparable. Their guide was Gollum, misleading and desire filled, slave to the exploitation of the Ring.

The Two Towers PDF was originally published on  November 11, 1954. It is basically Book 2 of The Lord of Rings Series. The novel follows the genre of Fiction, Fantasy, Mystory, Magic and Fictional Fantasy.  The Two Tower Ebook has a rating of 4.2 Star Review.

Plot Review:

The story of The Two Towers Epub starts with the atonement and death of Boromir, who has attempted to wrest the ring ceaselessly from Frodo. Meanwhile, Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli run into Éomer and they meet Gandalf, who is come back from death. The second half of the book centers on Frodo and Samwise, who are lost and going through the serious war-torn area of Emyn Muil. Thus continues the glorious, story of thrilling adventure started in The Fellowship of the Ring, which arrives at its spirit climax in The Return of the King.

About The Author (J.R.R Tolkien):

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was born on January 3, 1892, in South Africa. His family moved back to England after his father passed on in South Africa. He, in the long run, turned into a teacher of philology and English. In 1937, his first novel, The Hobbit, was published and his and after 20 years his trilogy, The Lord of the Rings was published.

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