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Warlock of the Magus World PDF is the web novel and is best suited in the genres of action, adventure, mystery, fantasy, science fiction, martial arts and psychological. The novel was written by The Plagiarist and Wen Chao Gong. It was released in 2015 and has 1200 chapters. The novel was in the Chinese language and is also translated in English. The original publisher of the novel was Qidian and Wuxiaworld publishers, who published this novel in English.

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Warlock of The Magus World PDF, Epub – Review, And Details:

Warlock of The Magus World Epub shows an interesting world to the readers having the touch of good pacing. The novel is great and the author put his great effort to make the characters realistic. This novel elaborates scientist’s goal that is to explore the secrets hidden within the universe. The authors who translated this novel in English are Jane Harrison, Wen Gong, and Jayesh Singh.

Plot Review:

Warlock of The Magus World Ebook reveals how scientists from a futuristic world are reincarnated in a World of Magic and Knights. Leylin was moved to the medieval world from an advanced technological era. One of the supercomputers was fused to his soul and turns to become the most powerful Magus. In a land which is divided into Dark and Light Magi, only the strong have the luxury for virtue and can determine their lives, while the weak could either be disposable slaves or cattle. Leylin’s, tool was only strength and at the end of the novel, his goal was just for his own and he didn’t even think about others.

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