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Date of first publication: 2008 Number of pages: ~ 340 pages Amazon Rating ~ 4.7/5

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A secluded mountain lodge. The perfect getaway. So remote no one will ever find you.

The promise of a luxury vacation at a secluded wilderness spa has brought together eight lucky guests. But nothing is what they were led to believe. As a fierce storm barrels down and all contact with the outside is cut off, the guests fear that it’s not a getaway. It’s a trap.

Each one has a secret. Each one has something to hide. And now, as darkness closes in, they all have something to fear—including one another.

Alerted to the vanished party of strangers, homicide cop Mason Deniaud and search and rescue expert Callie Sutton must brave the brutal elements of the mountains to find them. But even Mason and Callie have no idea how precious time is. Because the clock is ticking, and one by one, the guests of Forest Shadow Lodge are being hunted. For them, surviving becomes part of a diabolical game.


An Amazon Best Book of the Month: Romance

“White (The Dark Bones) employs kaleidoscopic perspectives in this tense modern adaptation of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None. White’s structural sleight of hand as she shifts between narrators and timelines keeps the suspense high…Christie fans will find this taut, clever thriller to be a worthy homage to the original.” Publishers Weekly

“White excels at the chilling romantic thriller.” —The Amazon Book Review

In the Dark is a brilliantly constructed Swiss watch of a thriller, containing both a chilling locked room mystery reminiscent of Agatha Christie and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and a detective story that would make Harry Bosch proud. Do yourself a favor and find some uninterrupted reading time, because you won’t want to put this book down.” —Jason Pinter, bestselling author of the Henry Parker Series

From the Publisher

There is so much to love about Loreth Anne White’s chilling, atmospheric, and utterly compelling novel that I want to simply thrust the open book into your hands and then watch, gleefully, as you experience it for the first time. I love this book too much to distill my recommendation to a single editorial letter.

Invited on an exclusive getaway to a remote mountain lodge, eight strangers arrive to discover nothing is as it seems. They’re isolated, stranded, and not too long after their arrival, they realize they’re being hunted.

Readers of crime fiction will recognize this setup: Loreth’s story nods to And Then There Were None, Agatha Christie’s classic, enduring tale of strangers trapped and murdered one by one. But In the Dark goes several steps farther: readers are treated to a dual timeline, ushered back and forth between the buildup and the aftermath, constantly on edge as the story swells like a raging river to its inevitable end.

There, I’ve hit on a good analogy: Reading this book is like clinging to a raft in rapids. In winter. With falls up ahead. You can sense something terrible coming, first in the way the rapids urge the raft along, swiftly and with no remorse, with unexpected jolts and changes of direction. Then there is the slow increase in ambient noise, the volume amplifying until the sound of the water is all at once overpowering, stopping your ability to think straight and prematurely stealing the breath from your lungs in grotesque anticipation of the fall.

This is a book to read while wrapped in cozy blankets, with a mug of tea by your side and the doors securely locked. Or on a plane, or a park bench, or waiting in line at the grocery store, or at your desk on your lunch break, or in the bathtub—anywhere, really, where you want to immerse yourself in a haunting suspense tale. I hope you love it as much as I do.

– Alison Dasho, Editor

Loreth Anne White is an Amazon Charts and Washington Post bestselling author of thrillers, mysteries, and suspense. With well over 2 million books sold around the world, she is a three-time RITA finalist, an overall Daphne du Maurier Award winner, Arthur Ellis finalist, and winner of multiple industry awards.

A recovering journalist who has worked in both South Africa and Canada, she now calls Canada home. She resides in the Pacific Northwest, dividing time between Victoria on Vancouver Island, the ski resort of Whistler in the Coast Mountains, and a rustic lakeside cabin in the Cariboo. When she’s not writing or dreaming up plots, you will find her on the lakes, in the ocean, or on the trails with her dog where she tries—unsuccessfully—to avoid bears. For more information on her books please visit her website at

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