Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics: Linear Irreversible Processes



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Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics: Linear Irreversible Processes

While systems at equilibrium are treated in a unified manner through the partition function formalism, the statistical physics of out-of-equilibrium systems covers a large variety of situations that are often without apparent connection. This book proposes a unified perspective on the whole set of systems near equilibrium: it brings out the profound unity of the laws which govern them and gathers together a large number of results usually fragmented in the literature. The reader will find in this book a pedagogical account of the fundamental results: physical origins of irreversibility, fluctuation-dissipation theorem, Boltzmann equation, linear response, Onsager relations, transport phenomena, Langevin and Fokker-Planck equations. The book’s comprehensive organization makes it valuable both as a textbook about irreversible phenomena and as a reference book for researchers.

Table of Contents

1: Random variables and random processes

2: Linear thermodynamics of irreversible processes

3: Statistical description of out-of-equilibrium systems

4: Classical systems: reduced distribution functions

5: The Boltzmann equation

6: Transport coefficients

7: From the Boltzmann equation to the hydrodynamic equations

8: The Bloch-Boltzmann theory of electronic transport

9: Master equations

10: Brownian motion: the Langevin model

11: Brownian motion: the Fokker-Planck equation

12: Linear responses and equilibrium correlations

13: General linear response theory

14: The fluctuation-dissipation theorem

15: Quantum theory of electronic transport

16: Thermal transport coefficients

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